Cyprus has rapidly gained a favourable reputation by foreign investors due to its stable economic environment and European Union member status. Cyprus integrates its strategic location with its modern infrastructure, favourable taxation system and its stable political environment to facilitate strong business and trading relations between all EU member states. The cost of living in Cyprus is relatively lower than in many other EU member states yet offering a high standards of living, a good education system for all residents, an excellent value for money on real estate, and low taxation.

Other benefits of becoming a Cyprus Resident include:

As far as EU Citizens are concerned, obtaining a Cyprus permanent residency involves only minimal formalities relating to simple registration based on three criteria:

Non EU citizens need to acquire certain permissions in order to enter, live, work and operate in Cyprus. Permits are also needed by non EU citizens in regard to the acquisition of immovable property.

CC&ATM has extensive knowledge to assist newcomers to Cyprus with the entire process of either acquiring a Long-Term Residence Permit in Cyprus, acquisition of Permanent Residence Permit in Cyprus or the acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship.